To be the first choice for Affordable and Quality Bathroom Solutions in Nigeria.


We provide affordable yet quality bathroom solutions with professionalism and excellent customer service aimed towards delivering the utmost in customer satisfaction.


Black Pelican Limited is the regional distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality sanitary wares and interior design solutions. With over 13 years of operations, BPL is at the forefront of its industry and has a diversified customer base with BPL leading the market in the domestic and commercial market segments.

BPL offers its customers a one-stop-shop providing end-to-end solutions to all sanitary and interior decor needs of its large clientele.

Following its success in the premium market, the Company is now seeking to capture the lower end of the market through its Bathrooms Direct brand.

The Bathrooms Direct business’ goal is to offer quality yet affordable ceramic items that are manufactured from the finest international companies offering each client a wide range of styles; the customer can select and develop the most functional and stylish design possible.

Black Pelican Limited already controls its entire service value chain by offering other support services through its fully established subsidiaries Bagno Technik for its installation services and BPL Logistix to help Bathrooms Direct provide total bathroom solutions to its clients.